Portrait of Ricky Browne


You can’t go forward by going backward!

They say reality has a naturally left-wing bias. I say anyone who is fully developed as a human is by their nature an acolyte of the left. Those on the right are all stunted in one way or another. #auspol

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The ‘Right’ ain’t bright

You might think because there are a lot of smart people on the ‘right’, that their version of the truth is just as legitimate. But that’s poppycock. Plenty of smart people are ignorant, this is because for them the truth doesn’t come first. Their personal and tribal narratives do. They contort all their information around their narratives of the world. Just because you’re a clever clogs does not make you more true or honest. These smart idiots are good at creating clever and intelligent sounding but ultimately false narratives that all the people who don’t really think for themselves can get behind. The right are for the most part wrong, but they also have big muscles and are funded by deep self-serving pockets. So in summation, we’re all fucked.

Controlling your own life and will

A lot of people out there want to own your mind space. They want to control what you do to an extent and how you do it. They want you to do what they want and act in the world by their beliefs, rules & values. When you reach maturity you should be in a position to not let anyone have that sort of power over you.