Portrait of Ricky Browne


You can’t go forward by going backward!

It started with Reagan & Thatcher.

Imagine if you will if corporations decided what was best for society, while their main aim was to maximise profit. And imagine if there wasn’t a body, let’s call it a government, with the power or will to keep these corporations in check, ensuring that their need to maximise profit didn’t overrule all other human and environmental concerns. Now imagine changes took place in the 70s and 80s to make that a reality. Now imagine that’s the reason for the shitshow we see playing out in society today.

The Truth Teller’s Dilemma

Those who fit themselves within the parameters of the system’s culture, and don’t look for what’s right, but what it is that will help them advance; are often rewarded for it. And those who are contrarian, who speak of the errors and misgivings of the culture are often ignored and even punished.

What is wiser?

Ask yourself, what is wiser. To act on climate change even if the worst outcomes are not as predicted. Or to not act and take the chance that the worst predictions are in fact the reality.