Portrait of Ricky Browne


You can’t go forward by going backward!

Populist leaders are con-jobs

I used to think a populist leader would be a good thing, giving the masses what they need. But a populist leader doesn’t give the population what they need. They give them an enemy to blame.

Contorted conservative values

The conservatives have made themselves sick with all these false narratives, half-truths, and alternate realities and it’s looking like everyone is going to pay a heavy price for their indulgences.

The problem of following blindly

Some people think leaders are beyond reproach, but if you know anything about human behaviour you know even good leaders need checks and balances.

Do what you can to improve things, but don’t forget to enjoy and be thankful for what is.

It’s so easy to look around at society and reflect on your situation and think things need to change, and they do need to change, they always need to change. But we must understand that changing the system will never lead to some perfect utopia, the flaw goes beyond the system and its culture.

It’s imprinted on our DNA. It’s written in the laws of nature. Perfect doesn’t exist. So yeah, fight for something better, but don’t forget to make the most of what is and enjoy it, and keep in mind how it could be so much worse.

Good pastor’s have fallen and change their thinking in response

A true Christian leader is one that has tried and failed. One that has gotten his life into such a mess, he has to change what it means to practice the faith. All good ministers have fallen. The rest are just an amalgam of what they think a good follower of Christ should look like.