Portrait of Ricky Browne


You can’t go forward by going backward!

Conservative lizard brains and purity

The idea of purity is just a reaction to the lizard brain’s disgust mechanism. That’s why conservative people are more concerned with purity because they are more driven by their lizard brain, as their frontal cortex is underdeveloped.

The Riddle

Life is but a riddle
Full of different facts
But if you even knew them all
The riddle remains in tact.

Law of unintended consequences

I learnt about the law of unintended consequences through Jordan Peterson. When implementing changes to society or a system, there are always unknown consequences. Not because that was the objective but because by trying to achieve an objective, humans or nature reacted in an unpredictable way.

Creating changes to a system can be not only unpredictable but also downright bad. Just look at the former Soviet Union as an example.

Better Societies

I’ve got this one Facebook friend who is always spouting ideas on how to make a better society. Most of these ideas are far too simplistic, For example, the idea of getting rid of all money or making everybody live on the same amount of money.

When I first started thinking about what would constitute a better society I also thought in simplistic terms. Usually with the idea that a certain subset of society was holding us back for their own benefit. This may be in many ways true. But it’s a huge generalization.

Societies aren’t perfect because perfection isn’t real. There always is and always will be a struggle. The struggle is a function of existence. Avoidance of struggle only leads to suffering. Tyrannies spring up out of the idea that a perfect society can be created. It cannot.

And while it is good to look to reducing inequality, inequality will always exist. There will always be the haves and there will always be have-nots.

Being Real Means

Being real means showing who you are, not what you think what others want you to be. Being real means being in the moment without trying to impress. Being real means being vulnerable. Being real means telling it how it is.